Do you want a better life balance? 

A life filled with things you love doing, knowing that you are in control of your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

1-2-1 Coaching is your chance to become your best self, building

confidence and self-esteem. 

My clients have gone from

feeling like they don't know where to start - to being able to tackle whatever life throws at them. 

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What do I do?

I offer support for you, as a parent or caregiver - our 1-2-1 sessions can be a sanctuary from the rest of your life, a safe space to work on your self-mastery. 

In just 6 sessions you will see a difference, I will hold you accountable each session so that you wont feel alone as you take steps to improve your mental health, productivity or mindset. 

Putting you back in control with structure and simple effective habits to streamline getting more done - and giving you back more time.

Read some feedback if you'd like a better idea of how others have felt.

Client Storys &


Jason from REC says:

"Hannah is just fantastic she is a breath of fresh air. She comes in with some great ideas and put them to work. We have seen a real benefit in having Hannah help us on our team and our social media has grown because of it. The awareness of our brand has really got known and a lot of that is due to Hannah and her hard consistent work. A real pleasure to work with"


Stephan, from Bebeboxes says:

" Hannah has helped me clear and focus my mind, and be able to put a purpose behind my social media,


Giving me clear goals to work towards I've been able to streamline what I am putting out in content, and in return helping me see a rise in interaction and more importantly sales.


Normally I would prefer face to face meetings, but in current situation, Hannah made me feel very comfortable using video calls for meetings, and really helped me open up about my business, targets, and goals, and helped me prioritise them.


5/5, highly recommended "

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